Foreword by Tess Gallagher xv
Preface xxi
Acknowledgments xxv
I. Everything Framed Against the Dark  
Judith H. Montgomery  
The Photographer's Father 3
Candace Pearson  
Another Country 5
Bruce Berger  
Across, Down 7
Rachel Dacus  
Elegy for an Amputation 8
Alice Derry  
Rushing to Return 9
Brian Daldorph  
The Tired Builder 12
Lorene Delany-Ullman  
Filler 13
Drew Myron  
Erosion 14
Joseph Green  
She Falls for It Over & Over 15
Sean Nevin  
Again, the Gnome and I Catch Dawn 17
Judith Barrington  
Ineradicable 19
Ryan G. Van Cleave  
Blue Sonnet 21
Arlene Ang  
Five Minutes of Silence 22
Linda Alexander  
Your True Life 23
II. Azure Dissolve  
Ellen Kirvin Dudis  
Les Nuages 27
Jim Natal  
From In Memory of Her Memory 29
Tess Gallagher  
She Wipes Out Time 31
Larry D. Thomas  
Diminuendo 34
Len Roberts  
My Uncle Chauncey drove my Aunt Eleanor 36
Carolyn A. Dahl  
Everyday Cookies 38
Sean Nevin  
Losing Solomon 40
Melanie Martin  
Verbal Charms 41
Scott Peterson  
Finding Mother 44
Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody  
Continuum 46
Andrew Riutta  
White Lilac: Three Haiku and a Tanka 48
Rachel Dacus  
At the Easel with Alzheimer’s 49
III. My Mind Is a Cold Oven  
Lana Hechtman Ayers  
My Mind Is a Cold Oven 53
Sheryl L. Nelms  
Early Alzheimer’s 55
Andrena Zawinski  
Hot Flashes 56
Gary Thompson  
Opera 58
Barry Spacks  
What’s-Her-Name 59
Dave Parsons  
They 61
IV. Across the Border  
Tess Gallagher  
Across the Border 65
Penny Harter  
No Destination 67
Richard Beban  
Odysseus, Mortal 69
Chris Tusa  
My Grandmother’s Teeth 70
Peter Seidman  
Accretion 71
Cara Spindler  
From Missing Script: Four: Paint a black hole on the floor 74
V. I Do  
E. A. Axelberg  
I Do 79
Gary Young  
Rev. Robert A. Young (1893–1977) 80
Mary Zeppa  
The Married Man Keeping His Vows 82
Ronald Pies  
From The Alzheimer’s Sonnets: Sonnet for a Missing Singer 83
Ethna McKiernan  
Absences 84
Potatoes 86
Stephen Mead  
Nostalgia 87
Jeff Worley  
To My Father, Now on Liquids in the Tucson Nursing Home 89
Tim Myers  
At the Alzheimer’s Center 90
Maureen Owens  
Carlos y Norma 91
Persis Knobbe  
Dementia 92
Jane Alynn  
The Strains of Memory 93
Gilbert Allen  
How 95
Esther Altshul Helfgott  
Spouse as Home 97
Ailsa Kennedy Steinert  
Nocturne 99
VI. What’s Enough  
Mark Thalman  
Short-Term Memory Loss 103
Linda Annas Ferguson  
My Mother Doesn’t Know Me 105
Elizabeth Farrell  
Safe-Deposit Box 106
Allan Douglass Coleman  
Ukiah Afternoon 107
Concerning Ice Cream on Mom’s Side of the Family 108
Catherine Wiley  
What’s Enough 111
Rob Hardy  
Fudgesicle 113
John Grey  
The Strangers in Your Room 115
John Davis  
Down and Around 116
Jan Harrington  
On July Nights I Stay with My Father 118
Holly J. Hughes  
The Bath 119
Claire Keyes  
A Little Less Than the Angels 121
M. J. Iuppa  
Passing the Hat 123
Judith Arcana  
Mamababy 125
Arthur Ginsberg  
Pacific Sunset 127
VII. Lay Back the Darkness  
Edward Hirsch  
Lay Back the Darkness 131
Wheeling My Father through the Alzheimer’s Ward 132
David Mason  
Home Care 134
Nancy Dahlberg  
We All Fall Down 136
Denise Calvetti Michaels  
Visiting Rose Haven Adult Family Home 137
Jayne Pupek  
Equations 139
Kay Mullen  
The Visit 140
Madelyn Garner  
The Poem in Which the Histologist Learns the Meaning of Irony 141
Kate Bernadette Benedict  
Recognition 143
Nancy Dahlberg  
Confirmation 145
Marion Boyer  
Within His Grasp 147
Margot Wizansky  
Hands 149
Holly Zeeb  
Sarcophagus 150
VIII. Missing Pieces  
Shebana Coelho  
Night 153
Diane Porter Goff  
Missing Pieces 155
Barbara S. Simpson  
Saturdays with Mom 157
Tina Welling  
Reprieve 159
Mary Barrett  
Eclipse 161
Sybil Lockhart  
Naked 162
Christine Higgins  
The Day Room 164
Nina Corwin  
In Which Grandma Belle Navigates the Altoona Nursing Home 165
Sarah Leavitt  
Kaddish 167
IX. Here Let Us  
Donna Wahlert  
Here Let Us: Late Middle Alzheimer’s Disease 171
Rick Kempa  
Prayer for My Mother 172
Joel A. McCollough  
Returning Thanks 173
Dan Bellm  
Elegy / in advance / do not hasten 174
X. Time with the Dying  
Elizabeth Garton Scanlon  
The suitcase propped open 181
Marion Boyer  
Moving Day, the Alzheimer’s Wing 183
Cathleen Calbert  
Moving My Mother 184
Jeff Worley  
After a Trip to the VA Hospital Alzheimer’s Ward, Tucson 185
Nancy Tupper Ling  
The day after Auntie moves to The Maples 187
Joanne Clarkson  
Following the Deer 188
Elizabeth Cohen  
The Forgotten World 190
Margot Wizansky  
Magnolias 192
Linda Alexander  
Time with the Dying 193
Theodore Deppe  
Great Egrets 194
XI. Winter Solstice  
Ellen Kirvin Dudis  
Winter Solstice 199
Susan Ludvigson  
Where We Have Come 200
Kenith Simmons  
Augury 203
Joel A. McCollough  
Augury 205
Paulann Petersen  
Reprieve 207
David Mason  
The Inland Sea 209
Judy Kronenfeld  
The Withering of Their State 211
Joan I. Siegel  
Letting Go 213
XII. Still Life  
Jeff Worley  
His Funeral 217
Kake Huck  
Death Picks Up My Aunt, Huldah Bell 219
Pamela Miller Ness  
A Woodpecker Taps 220
Ellen Kirvin Dudis  
Still Life 222
Marie Bahlke  
Goodwill 223
Paulann Petersen  
Lane Change 225
Gary Thompson  
My Father Calls 227
Susan Ludvigson  
Dreaming My Mother in the Bone Church, Kostnice 228